Monday, 27 April 2015


You won't find it on any newspaper's front page, but lead buildup in firing ranges can be a serious problem. Not many people realize just how much lead shot is spent at shooting ranges annually.Lead poisoning and exposure in gun ranges, both indoor and outdoor, is a serious issue. Spent lead shot builds up in the soil and the padding, posing a danger to shooters from both ricochet and the buildup of lead in the environment. A lead level of less than ten in a person's bloodstream can manifest as high blood pressure and other problems with the cardiac system.
Additionally, it can lead to damage to the nervous system, kidneys, digestive problems, reproductive system, brain function, and more.This is why the contamination of the environment by lead is such a large and dangerous problem. To remedy this, MT2 has developed a patented system of lead shot removal and soil decontamination for both indoor and outdoor firing ranges.
Our methods can completely clear an indoor or outdoor range of dangerous lead shot, dust, and particles. We recover 95%-100% of spent lead shot from bullet traps and soil for recycling, while using our patented EcoBond technology to neutralize any lead particles still left in the soil.
Not only will annual lead abatement be good for the health of shooters and the environment, it will also let customers know your firing range is safe and Eco-friendly. No one wants to shoot at a range full of lead dust and in danger of injury by ricocheting bullet fragments. By regularly cleaning your firing range of lead, you're letting your customers know that you care for their safety and satisfaction.For more information about MT2's patented gun range cleaning services and more, we invite you to visit our website.

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